The N.E.S. Discussion

Hey-ho, all of you N.E.S. Discussion fans! Yes, that means you, Mr. Looking at my site man. With the creation of episode 4, I've decided to also create this handy-dandy little index. This way, you can easily skip all the bull that you've already read, and go right to the newest bull! Anyway... make your pick.

Episode #1 The Pannel (Thornley,  Vincent, Wizard) Tackle such issues as Homoerotism and Mastadons.
Episode #2 Thornley, Lizzy, and a Special Guest talk about Castevania and...
Episode #3 Mervin, Fireball and Monkey talk about... mostly nudity.
Episode #4 Auctioneer, Carl and Alien Cat are joined by a Special Guest. Not one of my prouder moments.
Episode #5 Thornley, Fireball and Alien Cat talk about nothing in particular.
Episode #6 Jerry, Frankenstein and Noid! take too many drugs.