The N.E.S. Discussion

(Nonsense Etcetera Society)

OSG: Hello, friends. Welcome to the N.E.S. discussion group in part two of our series. I have with me two experts today. Mr. Thornley will be joining us again, and making her first appearance is Lizzy. Good afternoon.
Thornley: Hello again, Old-Stupid Gamer. Why did you drag me from my important job of sitting behind a desk today?
Lizzy: Smash buildings... destroy tanks... eat people...

OSG: Right... well, let's begin shall we? Our first topic was brought to us by MagitekChocobo. We're going to talk about the hint you get from the man in a town in Castlevania 2. Let's watch the clip.

OSG: Well, that was the clip. You heard it yourselves. "Get a silk bag from the graveyard duck to live longer"... what does it mean?
Thornley: He could possibly be talking about the Graveyard Dick. You know, the one who carefully washes off each gravestone. Perhaps the silk bag is this "Dick" fellow's tool bag, which has cloths and things in it.
Lizzy: Smash tombstone! Dig up bodies... lunch time!

OSG: Uh, that's all fine and good, Thornley, but he very obviously says 'duck'. Perhaps you have to read it a different way—maybe he's saying two different things. Get a silk bag from the graveyard! Duck to live longer!
Thornley: That's stupid. If there was a bag lying around in a graveyard, it wouldn't be silk. It would be burlap, or something. And how would ducking make you live longer?
Lizzy: Smash head! Smash head!

Lizzy throws a chair at Thornley's head, and he quickly ducks it.

OSG: That is how you duck to live longer.
Thornley: I don't tolerate being corrected!
Lizzy: Smash?

OSG: Um, not right now, Lizzy. We have a show to do.
Lizzy: Right... no smash...

OSG: Anyway, let's move onto our next topic. This clip is courtesy of... oh no...

Gwa ha ha! That's right. You have to discuss my topic now, Jerry!

OSG: Well... ah, it looks like we're being joined by... um... whoever this fellow is.
???: Gwa ha ha! That's right, Jerry.
OSG: Who's Jerry? Um... anyway, here's the clip. It's from Battle City.

OSG: What is this?
???: Gwa ha ha! It's my custom stage in Battle City! What do you think?
Thornley: I like it. It has charm and wit, plus it's true.
Lizzy: Lizzy no smash this level!

OSG: This show is over!


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