The N.E.S. Discussion

(Nonsense Etcetera Society)

OSG: Welcome, all, to the third episode of The N.E.S. Discussion. Whoever is in charge of planning this show is going to get fired real soon if he doesn't get us on the air more often. Three shows in six months? The bastard. Anyway, today we have a distinguished panel of super-awesome fellows. I've got that cool guy, Mervin, from City Connection, some sort of cute Fireball thing, and the Monkey from Magic darts. Hello, guys.

Mervin: Yo, Old-Skool. I'm here to get down and boogy with your square ass. Watch out, ladies! I'll turn this boob into a woman killer. Hep?

Fireball: Mommy says that this program will boost my career. I'll be playing the part of Firesnake or Hotfoot or maybe even Fryguy real soon! Thanks, mommy.

Monkey: Oook oook.

OSG: Well... ahh... I can see the casting director has pulled out all the stops, as usual. Anyway, let's get right down to it. Our first topic today was sent to me by Someone. Uhm, I can't remember who-- but if whoever it is is reading this, tell me. Anyway, this is from Dragon Warrior 3... or 4... uhh... Let's watch the clip!

OSG: Well, you heard it yourselves! That old man wants to be a young girl. What's your guys' take on it?
Mervin: Well, that dude obviously wants to be my chick, and cruise in my '64 Mustang. Of course, I'd let her in... him in... whatever. Chicks dig my wheels, daddy-o.
Fireball: Mommy says that daddy wanted to be a young girl, before he went missing. She made me promise never ever to hang out with my friends at The Anvil because of it. Mommy knows best!
Monkey: Oook oook, ee ee!

OSG: Err, that's not really what I was looking for, guys. I mean, nothing about a mid life crisis? No references to RuPaul or anything?
Mervin: RuPaul is one sexy mamma.
Fireball: Eww! That's gross!

OSG: Uh-- nevermind. Let's just move onto our next topic. This audio clip is from the narrator from River City Ransom. For you folks at home, we've got a picture from the game to look at while we play the tape. Roll 'em...

OSG: Right. So, let me actually give you guys a topic to talk about. This part of River City Ransom highlights for us the corruption in professional sports by displaying the need for a drug test. Agree or disagree...
Mervin: Ooo, professional sports are awesome. Especially women's volleyball. I just love watching those ladies dive, dig and bump... mmmm....
Fireball: E-hee-hee! His bum looks just like a smiley face! Yay! Thanks, Mr. Gamer for picking such a silly-billy picture.
Monkey: Oook oook!

OSG: But I didn't pick this pi--
Mervin: Let's see what else is on.

Mervin changes the channel.

Mervin: Yes! The master has done it! Mud Wrestling. These sexy mamas can wrestle me any day.
Fireball: No! Mommy says I'm not supposed to watch stuff like this!
Monkey: Eeek ook!

OSG: Hah. Another great program. I feel like the luckiest host on earth... (grumble grumble)

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