The N.E.S. Discussion

(Nonsense Etcetera Society)

OSG: Welcome to a very special episode of the N.E.S. Discussion! I went out and got a couple of people who have been on the show before to come back and do another taping. So, this is sort of like an all powerful plethora of... wacky antics and whatnot. So uh, let me introduce the cast. We have The house favorite, Thornley, back. Also joining us is the Fireball and that Cat in a spaceship.

Thornley: Nice to be back, Old-Stupid Gamer. Let's get things rolling.

Fireball: Mommy says that last time I was here, I really got noticed. I now double as an explosion in Contra. Yay for me!

Alien Cat: Golly gee, OSG! Last time I was here, we had lots and lots of fun! Let's get rolling!

OSG: Uh, right. Let's get right down to business, guys. Our first topic is from Family Feud. Let's have a look.

OSG: Okay, guys. What's your take on this? Are the programmers of Family Feud disgusting pigs? Or afraid of doctors?
Thornley: You call this comedy? I'm insulted. I ought to wallop you. I don't tolerate anal jokes.
Fireball: Oh my word. Mommy has told me never to bend over if the mean doctor asks me to. She says that he might make me uncomfortable!
Alien Cat: Ha ha ha! The cute fireball is funny. Wanna play games, Fireball?

OSG: Wait! Don't you think this has any symbolism? I mean, the old woman is saying she wants to bend over at the doctor's office. Maybe the programmers of this game like Over 50.
Thornley: Wait a darn minute. I have reason to believe that this clip has been doctored! I don't tolerate being fooled. Especially be scrawny nerds like yourself.
Fireball: 8.. 9... 10! Ready or not, here I come!
Alien Cat: Hee hee hee! Hide and seek is super awesome! You can't find me, Fireball!

OSG: Uh... doctored? Hide and seek? I think this was a bad choice in topics. Let's move onto the next one. Okay, this comes from RAF, which is the Japanese equivalent to Journey To Silus. Let's have a look.

OSG: Okay, guys. If we read the credits, they thank some pretty funny people. Let's start with "RIGHT HAND"...
Thornley: Well, it seems to me like they know what they're talking about! I always use my right hand when I'm beating up on Todd. He takes it and asks for more.
Fireball: I wish I had hands. Mommy says fireballs don't get to have them because we're just balls of fire. And fire doesn't even have eyes or a mouth or anything!
Alien Cat: I use my right hand to pilot my nifty space ship! Zzzt zzt! Zoom! Ha ha ha ha! Sometimes, It's my pretend telescope! Yay!

OSG: Okay, guys. What about Ring Ring? Or Hero?
Thornley: Look, I have to play a match of extreme archery in a few minutes. I'm leaving.
Fireball: Mommy has a ring. She says that it was from when Daddy was still a real man... whatever that means.
Alien Cat: Fireball, how come you aren't playing any more? That was super duper terrific fun!

OSG: Let's end it here. Not a bad show today. See you next time.

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