The N.E.S. Discussion

(Nonsense Etcetera Society)

OSG: Hello, friends. Welcome to the N.E.S. discussion group. I have with me today three experts--as guests--to share their ideas with us. Mr. Thornley, Vincent, and um... that Wizard Guy from Taboo are with me today. I hope you enjoy our discussion.
Thornley: Good day, Mr. Old-School Loser. Glad I could be here today. Let's get down to business.
Vincent: Raptors no eat Vincent. Vincent fast runner.
Wizard: Viewed by others you are loyal or trusted person, good.

OSG: O-kay... so, let's get started. Our first topic is Monterey Jack's comment to Chip in Chip 'n' Dale's Rescue Rangers II. Let's see the clip...

OSG: Okay, guys. That was it. What's the significance of Monterey calling Chip "luv"?
Thornley: Hmm. Well, Monty is obviously a loser. Who else would hit on Chip? I, for one, do not tolerate idiocy. Monty can be summed up in two words: Sexually Confused.
Vincent: Fat mouse is very small. Vincent confused. Small things die fast.
Wizard: Currently your situation is deception, dishonesty, a caution or warning.

OSG: Um. All right. Next question. Is there any relevance that Chip was asking about "zipper" when Monterey called him "luv"?
Thornley: You mean other than the fact that Monty wants to use Chip's zipper in a downward fashion? I honestly believe that we're dealing with a severe form of retardation, here. Not only is Chip a male, but also a chipmunk. Chipmunks suck.
Vincent: Flies are bigger back home. Vincent no like big flies.
Wizard: Present events are based on addition, abuse or illusions.

OSG: Going back to your comment, Mr. Thornley-- if Chip is a chipmunk, does that make Dale a dalemunk?
Thornley: Of course not, you ignorant stupid-head. He's very obviously a chipdale.

OSG: Right... Anyway, let's look into our next topic. This is regarding what the hell that this guy from Monster Party means. Let's see the clip.

OSG: Okay. Lay it on me. What does he mean when he says that?
Thornley: It's hard to say. I don't tolerate monsters, so I wasn't really paying attention. Wait a second. I don't tolerate people who don't pay attention! Vincent, beat me up! Quick!
Vincent: Is that a Mastodon?
Wizard: Your immediate influence is the attainment of harmony, romance or tranquility.

OSG: That doesn't answer my question, guys.
Vincent: Ugh? I did not hear you. I am hurting Mr. Thornley.
Thornley: Ah! Ah! Enough, Vincent! I don't tolerate lessons being taught tenfold. Ow! My leg...

OSG: Right... Onto our next topic. In the game Ring King, in between rounds you go back to your corner. At which time, your trainer gives you a quick... ah... "refresher". Let's take a look at the clip...

OSG: Here's the question on everyone's mind: What the hell is your trainer doing to you?
Thornley: ...
Vincent: ...
Wizard: ...

OSG: Hm. I don't think we'll be getting an answer from our...
Thornley: WAIT! I remember what that is now. I believe it's called "Applying a gertle".
Vincent: Tightening belt. You need tight belt to fight mighty mastodon.
Wizard: You currently attain pleasure through relations or filatio.

Hm. A successful discussion today. If you have a topic that you'd like to see us discuss, drop me a line and tell me! I'll be glad to present it to our... ah... experts.

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