Manual Molestation

(Phat phun phor the phamily!)

So, recently I was on the can, reading through my stack of NES instruction manuals, when I realize... I have around 60 manuals, and I've only read like 6. Damn. So, I spent a few hours just reading. It was enough to inspire me to do something regarding manuals. Not type up the ones that aren't online yet, mind you. If I did that, then I'd be doing something productive. And as we all know, I'm in the sarcastic, dry wit, or outright crude humor business. So what to do? Why, cut up the manuals of course! Almost every manual is designed for you to improve your play. Of course if you follow the tips in NES manuals, you usually end up getting worse. Well... just read on. Maybe you'll learn something. Maybe not.