It's Wayne's World! Wayne's World! Party time! Excellent!

Wayne: Okay, uh, welcome to Wayne's World. I am your excellent host, Wayne. With me as always is Garth.
Garth: Yeah. So we have a tubular show today.
Wayne: That's right, Garth. We will be showing you some most excellent NES drinkin' games.
Garth: So sit back, and get ready to be amazed, amused and possibly some other things that don't start with A
Wayne: Shyeah.

Mike Tyson's Punch Beer Out!!

Like, Doc Louis wouldn't approve, but you can get licked while boxing some of the strongest boxer dudes on tour. This one gets two shwings up. Shwing! Shwing!

SkyKid Like, next to drinking and boating, and drinking and boxing, drinking and flying a plane is easy, man.
Interview: Mr. Neilsen Whoa! We like, ran into this dude one day at the bus stop, and he had some pretty cool ideas. Huh. So, we brought him to the studio, to like. Interview him. Yeah! (Special thanks to the real  Mr. Neilsen! You know who you are)