Wayne: SkyKid Drinkin' is easier to play than Mike Tyson's Beer-Out!!
Garth: Yea. You totally need beer or hard liquor for this game. I suggest beer.
Wayne: Yeah. The hospital is no fun.
Garth: Okay, This game must be played in 2 player mode. If you have no friends, then you're scrwed.
Wayne: Totall. Okay, on to the specific rules!
Wayne: The whole game is pretty simple, and basically goes by how you do in the level.
Garth: Yeah.
Wayne: Uh, anyway, you count the amount of medals you get.
Garth: Totally. The amount of regular medals you get, for shooting down 5 air or gound units, counts a 1 second, or 1 shot.
Wayne: Yeah. And The medal you get for hitting the target counts for 5 seconds or 2 shots.
Garth: So here, I'd have to chug my beer for 8 seconds, or take 4 shots.
Wayne: Exactly!
Wayne: Uh-oh, Garth! You got shot down!
Garth: So what?
Wayne: The only other rule in this game is that if you get shot down, you have to take 2 shots, or drink your beer constantly until I die, or beat the stage.
Garth: What if I come back at another launching pad?
Wayne: Then you get to stop drinking, and play on.
Garth: Wayne, this game isn't fair!
Wayne: It's the rules, Garth.
Wayne: Anyway, that's the whole game. Easy, isn't it?
Garth: Hic.. hard enough...
Wayne: Shyeah.

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