Wayne: Okay, Mike Tyson's Beer-Out!! is a simple game to play. Let's cover the basics, first.
Garth: Okay. First you need to get one of your friends.
Wayne: Shyeah. Right. Like you have friends, Garth.
Garth: Shut up, man.
Wayne: Anyway, you both need about 8 beers each. You can, like, get by with 6 if you want.
Garth: Yeah. So, write this down. This is a two player game, and it's totally rad. It's best played with 16 beers.
Wayne: Okay. Let's get on with the important rules.
Wayne: Right. So, you and your friend take turns. You fight one guy, your friend fights the next. Get it?
Garth: Yeah, and you gotta count how many times you get punched.
Wayne: Or get your friend to count for you, if you can't count and box at the same time.
Garth: And, one hit counts for 1 second.
Wayne: But we'll talk about what the seconds are for later.
Garth: Totally.
Wayne: Uh-oh! Looks like you have to add an extra 5 seconds to your time.
Garth: Oh no! Why, Wayne?
Wayne: Because you just got knocked down by Piston Honda! You suck at this game, Garth.
Garth: Wait! If you get knocked down, you have to add 5 seconds? You didn't say that before.
Wayne: I totally didn't think you'd get knocked down so soon, man.
Garth: Are you making this up as you go, Wayne?
Wayne: No way!
Garth: Well, okay.
Garth: Yo! Wayne! I TKO'ed Piston Honda. Now what?
Wayne: Well, Garth, I counted that you got hit 9 times, and got knocked down once. So that's, uh... 14 seconds.
Garth: Yeah, but what are seconds for?
Wayne: Garth, you have to chug for 14 seconds now.
Garth: No way!
Wayne: Yes way! That's the game.
Garth: This game is lame, man.
Wayne: No way! This game is totally great. Like, when you start getting drunk, the guys hit you more... and you get more drunk... it's a domino effect.
Wayne: Like, that's the whole game, so I guess we'll end the show here.
Garth: I hope the other games are more fair, Wayne.
Wayne: Okay. Anyway, that's it. That's the end.

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