It's Wayne's World! Wayne's World! Party time! Excellent!
Wayne: Okay, we totally have Mr. Neilsen with us today!
Garth: Yea. We met this dude while waiting to go to the donut shop.
Wayne: Like, totally. He had a bus pass, and was riding the bus all day! Like, just fer fun!
Garth: Let's meet him.
Neilsen: Hello, gentlemen. I am here for your souls.

Wayne: Uh, okay mister yello man. Whatever you say.
Garth: Why are you so yellow, dude?
Neilsen: ENOUGH! I have a drinkin' game for you.
Wayne: Whoa. Um, okay, Creepy guy. Explain to us the rules, m'kay?
Neilsen: This is a real simple drinking game to go along with World Class Track Meet. All participants have to put away a six pack (or some other agreed upon number of beers or shots) in under five minutes immediately before beginning a game, playing just as you would any other day. First one to throw up or fall over loses.
Garth: Uhm... Mr. Satan? This isn't really an NES drinkin' game...
Neilsen: know, it's not a drinking game in the most literal sense, but it seems like it would be a lot of fun. Of course you run the risk of ruining the power pad by covering it with puke, but hey, no omelette was ever made without breaking a few eggs, so there you have it.
Wayne: Garth, this dude is totally creeping me out, man.
Garth: I know. I hope that's all...
Neilsen: I actually have one more game, mortals.
Garth: Wayne, where did we get this guy from?
Wayne: You already know, Garth. The bus station.
Neilsen: It's just one more drinking game, to go along with "Krazy Kreatures" - for one player only.
Wayne: Okay. What'ya got?

Neilsen: Okay. Start playing the game as usual, but have a full bottle of scotch on hand. Then, when the inevitable realization hits you that you're playing KRAZY KREATURES, what may very well be the worst Nintendo game ever released to the general public, drink the scotch until you stop crying or pass out.
Wayne: Is that it, dude?
Neilsen: Yep.
Wayne: Like, that's all for today.
Garth: Catch us next time.
Both: It's Wayne's World! Wayne's World! Party time! Excellent!

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