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One fine day, you wander from the city to take a rest in a meadow near a gently flowing stream. Finding a comfortable shade tree, you lay down and let the sound of singing birds and babbling water wash from your mind the clutter and clatter of the city. A breeze brings you the scent of the open land as you sink into a dream.

Suddenly a shrill sound like a scream pulls you to your feet. You see before you a swirling maelstrom. Increasing in size, it begins to near you, pulsing  as if to grab and pull you near. Just as it is about to touch you it suddenly shrinks and fades. Then with a bright flash, it disappears, dropping a shiny object to the ground.

Cautiously, you approach the object. It is a gold cross with a ring on top. Carefully you pick it up. It is an "Ankh". Suddenly there is a flash of light and a covered wagon appears.

Slowly you approach the back of the wagon. Through a gap in the covering you see a lone figure. "Please, enter," the figure says with a wave of his hand. With some apprehension, you enter the wagon. "I see you have found the Ankh, the symbol of life and resurrection," says the stranger, "It was by it I have been summoned." "Who are you?" you ask. "I am Hawkwind OSG, the fortuneteller," he replies, "I have been sent to guide you on your path." With those words he draws from beneath a cloth a set of cards. "Now choose your path."

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INTRO/NEWS This is the page you're reading right now. If you need me to describe it, then damn, you must be blind. Feb 27, 2000
LINKS This is the page where you get to leave... WAIT! Don't leave yet, there's still more stuff. Damn. I really should have put this at the bottom... Feb 27, 2000
REVIEWS Reviews of video games. NES games, in fact. Self  explanatory, isn't it? Feb 27, 2000
MY GAMES The games I own. My personal collection of NES games. The cream of the cream. The pick of the litter. The right stuff. Feb 13, 2000
TOP 10 The infamous top 10 list. Listing the top ten. from tenth to... uh... oneth. Damnit, you must know what a top 10 list is.
DOKI DOKI PANIC Ever wondered why SMB 2 is so different?
FF1 QUIZ Remember in school when you'd always skip your classes to get out of a test? Well... now's not the time, mister! Take the FF1 Quiz! Feb 6, 2000
GAME GENIE CODES You want a big ass list of GG codes? Then you, sir, have only but to click on this link. This is the Galoob list.
MEGA MAN II BONANZA This page is all of my notes on Mega Man 2. Well, not all of them. Just the good stuff, you know, sort of tidied up for you people. You'd never be able to understand my gibberish when it's in sloppy rough form. You can hardly understand it in cleaned up form. Jan 26, 2000
NES NESCIENCE (nesh´ens, -e·ens) n. Lack or absence of knowledge;  ignorance. Feb 27, 2000
THE N.E.S. DISCUSSION Deep, philosophical-type questions are asked and almost answered well. Feb 1, 2000
COMIC! Look, in the sky! It's a bird! It's a bubble! NO! A Boy and His Blob! And they have a comic! Feb 27, 2000
GETTING OFF ON NES Ouch! Don't stain the carpet... Feb 6, 2000
WORST HINTS Ever get a hint from a video game, that makes you lose? Ever get a tip from a character that ends up killing your last life? Me too! And here they are.
ASK-A-STAR Ask an NES game hero a question. Ever wonder why Princess Toadstool can float? Ask her! Jan 5, 2000
OSG WORLD What's in this page is a big secret! It could be ANYTHING! That includes a fake game made up by me. Yep. It could be absolutely anything. Jan 6, 2000
LET'S MAKE AN NES DATE Luigi hosts his own show, where he sets up NES characters on blind dates. Read it if you dare. Feb 2, 2000
CORRIGENDUM DEMARCATION Have you ever wondered why people make fun o the typos in NES games and not the typos in NES sites? Feb 10, 2000
UH, GOOD STUFF. YEAH. What is this? I didn't put this here... HEY! What are you doing? Leggo of me! ---Um. This is my favorite part of the site. Gwa ha ha. Come here to find out how good it is. Gwa ha ha. Jan 8, 2000

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