Corrigendum Demarcation

Before I start this section, I would like to say that I do not pretend to be perfect. I am far from perfect, actually. I make as many spelling and grammar mistakes as the next guy. However, since I like being a sarcastic bastard, and since almost every site that I go to which has a section about NES typos and things like that always includes (mysteriously) the same 3 or 4 games, I decided that I'd do something a little different. In stead of focusing my sarcastic comments on the obvious errors in NES games, I've decided to go the whole 9 yards, and give sarcastic comments about the actual typos on NES sites! I'm not going to be picky, here. I will even dump on my own site's little errors. If you see ANY typo worth picking on in ANY NES site, tell me about it! I'll be sure to ask the webmaster permission to slander them*... and then SLANDER THEM! Oh yes, afterwards, I write in my nice little suggestion, just because I can.

"Hmmm all I can say is that these people werent from America when they made this least the should put some smart guys to do this job..." (Regarding a poor translation)

Those people who weren't American when they made the game likely still aren't American. Perhaps they were American at one point, but suddenly changed their minds and decided to turn into something else before they made the game. Yeah, at least the should have put some smart guys to do this job, because the dumb guys the put didn't do they job very well. Perhaps the same unsmart guys wrote up the above little commentary.

OSG's suggestion: "Hmmm. All I can say is that the people who made this game weren't American. They could have at least put some smart guys in charge of translating!"

"Here is another miss-wording. This doesnt make sense at all!!!" (Regarding a poor translation)

Curse those mis-wordings--they get you every time. Actually, the thing that doesn't make much sense is this fellow's ability to put so much information into one paragraph. Not only does it perfectly describe the reason that the quote from the game is so odd, it does it in a strangely humorous manner.

OSG's suggestion: "This is another quote that isn't worded properly. It doesn't make very much sense at all, does it?"

"Although extremley easy, its also a cool war game." (Review)

Although a somewhat normal phrase, it also doesn't wear a t-shirt. Now, this is just silly. I'm sure that I do this from time to time as well, but you just can't put two things like this together with an "also" and an "although". It really just doesn't work very well. It's sort of almost kind of one of those nearly English rule things. You know, it just doesn't make things unconfusing. And I got all of this without pointing out the spelling error.

OSG's suggestion: "This game is an extremely easy war game, but it's cool regardless."

"Enter the Obyss" (Caption)

Where do I reoch such on obyss? Is it through o gote somewhere? Can I ottoin it by not using the letter "a"?

OSG's suggestion: Not gonna bother.

"This "game" is thinly disquised pornography! There was a topless women with a sexually suggestive comment under her." (Prank Mail)

God, I hate it when a topless women come up to me and they say something sexually suggestive. Or is that, when a topless women comes up to me and she says something sexually suggestive? Damn, I never can quite get that stupid pluralization thing right when there is pornography involved. It just throws me off. Especially when it's disquised pornography! That's the worst kind...

OSG's suggestion: "This 'game' is thinly disguised pornography! There was a scene with a topless woman with a sexually suggestive comment under her."

"I suppose it fits into the genre of "sprots games", but it is quite innovative." (Review)

I suppose this quote fits into the genre of "tsupid tyops". I really love sprots games. I play them all the time. Those are the games with taem competitions, right? Yeah, and you usually have to get a blal into a net of some sort? Right! I know those sprot games!

OSG's suggestion: "I suppose it fits into the genre of 'sports games', bit it is quite innovative"

Quotes #1-2 are courtesy of NES City, Quote #3 courtesy of doctor j's NES Page, Quote #4 courtesy of Japerica**, Quote #5 courtesy of Goat & Bubblun's NES Wonderpage, Quote #6 courtesy of this site.

*Permission is asked first of any webmaster to use any quote contained on this page. I may be a son of a bitch, but I'm a polite son of a bitch.

**Permission pending.