Hello, game fans! This is the part of the site where you get to ask your favorite video game hero or villain a question. Just send in your questions here, and check back for his/her response.

(Please tell me the game and character you're asking the question to)

Cheese from Crash 'n' the Boys' Street Challenge (1 letter)

Dear Cheese,
What's it like to play second banana to Crash?
From, Anonymous.

Yo, Anomnimerous,
I like bananas, cus 'dey squoosh good. Plus 'dey gots lotsa Potassum, or somethin'.

Bowser from Super Mario Bros. (3 letters)

Dear Bowser,
Why don't you just give up kidnapping the princess and move on to more villainous things, like trying to take over the world? World domination is something possible for you, unlike kidnapping the princess, which Mario always stops you from doing.
From, Little Timmy, Age 8

The Princess is the key to the Mushroom Kingdom! I have tried many things other than kidnapping. Extortion, black marketing, racketeering, door-to-door sales, but nothing seems to work. You need to do what you know best. And since there's no need in the world for a scrivener, kidnapping is for me. Which reminds me, I need to go capture the princess and try to thwart Mario's puny attempts to rescue her.

Dear Bowser
What Happened To Your Kids Did Ya Give Them To The Gypies

Mr. X,
My kids are at home. They usually are taking care of the castle. You know, chipping the stones, dirtying the carpets. All of the good stuff that I don't have time to do with all of my kidnapping plans and all.

Dear Bowser,
what were you doing during the events of smb 2 is wart in your army

Mr. X
During that time, I was very busy renegotiating my contract with Nintendo. Wart was my replacement. If you ask me, his army is much weaker than mine. Of course, the big wigs at Nintendo decided to keep some of his underlings around-- they aren't in a Union.

Master Higgins from Adventure Island (1 letter)

Dear Master Higgins:
Your a big fat guy that runs around in a grass skirt. But your a freakin girl magnet, what's your secret?

Dear Kuririn,
My secret is my hat. Babes love the hat. You didn't think that girls think I'm sexy, did you?