(To sites which are better than mine)

Okay, no more top 3. (Insert lame excuse here). I still haven't done anything about the links page. Itstill has a puke green and a disgusting red background! It's everything you could ever ask for! Yay for tacky links pages!

The NES Enshrined Rest in peace, Enshrined. Heh. Other than the NES Dimension, this was one of my favorite sites for a long, long time. I guess it still is. It's not been removed from the world of cyberspace yet, and hopefully never will be. Loogaroo hosts him now. Scroll down a bit for his site~
Kid-Niki's NES Page Call me crazy, but I love funny pages, I love things that make you go "hm", and I love Donkey Kong Jr. Math. To summerize for you, I love this page. I always have. I hope to see big things in its future.
Tha' NES Smackdown Tha NES Smackdown. Need I say more? Actually, I'm sort of disappointed not to see a bevy of updates lately. Anyway, when you go to this site, notice the way it sparkles. Also notice the white background-- what's up with that?
NEScrophilia If Tom kicked a little bit more ass, he'd be me. You'd better check this site out before the day is done. If not... well, let's just say that I've been meaning to add a "people who don't take my advice and get hit by mack trucks being driven by me" section to this site.
The Warrior's NES Dungeon Crono82 and Nakoo have merged to form what I like to call NES Dungeon, plus The Warrior's stuff. Hm. Well, anyway, visit the site.
The Nintendo Classics Archive Sappy really has a pretty darn good site, if you ask me. Like I already established, you don't ask me. Oh well. It's a handy place. Visit it if you want to.
Big Stu's 8-Bit NES Wonderland Big Stu is back and rarin' to go. I love this site. Stu is so... so... unlike his hockey persona. This is still one of the sleekest NES sites around, if you ask me. But you don't ask me.
Quizzle's NES Page It looks like Quizzle is going on permanent vacation. It really sucks. Well, you can still check his site out here.
Spreck's NES Place When you're this big, they call you "Mister". Uh, you gotta love the ghetto games. If you don't, then you must be really out of touch with your inner society.
Goat and Bubblun's NES Wonderpage Don't let the name fool you. There are no goats or bubbles here. However, there is some cool stuff here. Some very cool stuff. I demand you look at this site. And if I say so, you... must... do... it...
NES El33t Things are back to normal at this place. Go and enjoy it.
Loogaroo's Lair of Looniness I can't beleive that I have left Loogaroo unlinked for all this time! He writes terrific reviews, and so he should. It's the beef of his site. Mmm, beef.
Willyman's Nintendo Page <Will> Fix my link on your links page.
<OSG> Okay.
The 8-Bit Nirvana The Doctor is in. And he runs this page, see? So. Uh, visit it.
NES Universe I feel like I should put this link here, because I said I would a long time ago.
The NES Lovenest One of my favorite sites is back. Or at least, it's supposed to be back. I hope It's back.
SMB2 Worship The best Mario game, immortalized forever. Yay!
Cl@y's NES page A new generation site, with ever growing content. Worth at least a visit.
Dan's NES page A friend of Cl@y and aspiring webmaster. Another one of the new generation sites, worth a gander.
NEStopia Double L got himself an NES page, and it looks pretty darn good, if you ask me. I'm sure this page is going places in the future.
NESPad This is an all right looking site with ambition. Of course, it's on homestead so it loads as fast as a drunk turtle, but that's okay. I guess.
NES Retreat Deathspork runs a tight operation over here. He has some cool stuff kicking around. Read his comics. They're almost as good as mine.
This Old NES Sheik has a really cool site. It reminds me of one of the older NES sites, but it has some better stuff on it. Like cartoons! I love cartoons :D