Thanks to boredom, and the exrta games I have, you can enter the January 2001 contest that I am holding. You must simply download a game, play it, send in your high scores, and you could win one of the two following packages:

1) Iron Sword (with manual) and Wizards & Warriors (for your NES)
2) Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Fighting Edition (for the famicom) & Super Famicom --> SNES adaptor (for your SNES)

There are only a couple of rules for this contest.

1) Downlaod this game.
2) Play as much as you can.
3) Get a high score by January 30, 2001
4) See that Prt Screen key on your keyboard? Go to the High Scores page on your game and hit it. Go to any imaging program and go to paste. Your High Score chart should be pasted. Save it, and send it to me.
5) Don't bother to send me hacked high score pages or anything. I have a way to tell. I only accept images, not text.

Here is my e-mail addy. Good luck!