Top 10 Cool Powerups

As you know, there were many NES games. And many of those games had many powerups in them. And many of those powerups were totally neat! And here's 10 especially neat ones.

10. Metal Blade (Mega Man 2)
Okay, evey Mega Man game has one weapon that you just always use. But this one is the best. You can kill just about any boss with it, it can shoot in 8 directions, and it hardly ever runs out. All in all the best Mega Man weapon there is, and #10 on this list of cool powerups.

9. Hammer (Kirby's Adventure)
Kirby smash! Uh, well the Hammer, see, is a lot like the sword, right? Only it kills shit the sword can't! And it, like, breaks some bricks that only the hammer can break! It's a brick breaking, baddie bashing, bonker of death! Yeah!

8. Demon Fire (Gargoyle's Quest II)
Okay, the Demon Fire, you may be thinking, is not a very cool powerup. I beg to differ. It's the most powerful attack in Gargoyle's Quest II. You shoot this big huge blue fireball... out of your face! How is that not cool? Face fire!

7. Red Ring (The Legend of Zelda)
Once you collect the Red Ring, that's it. You're invincible. Don't even think about getting killed ever again. Stop buying potions. Put your sword away. Try to kill patras with your bare hands. They'll eventually die, you won't even have a scrath... becaue your tunic is red.

6. Masamune (Final Fantasy)
The Masamune kicks ass. Think about it. Not only is it the best sword in the game, but anyone can equip it. Even your dinky pussy mages. A White Wizard can run around killing Gas Dragons with it. Man oh man, does that ever make it sweet. And if you equip it to your Fighter, look out!

5. Downward Thrust (Zelda II)
I don't care what anyone says, the downward thrust is the most useful move in Zelda II. You can use it against almost any baddie. You can toast anyone... FROM ABOVE! Above, I say! Maybe it's just me, but you can't top the downward thrust. Well, you can because it isn't #1... but it's damn close!

4. Shoe (Super Mario Bros. 3)
You know what I'm talking about. The Goomba Shoe. When you hop into one of thses bad boys, even Bowser runs away peeing his pants. Mecilessly, you use your Goomba Shoe to kick his ass into orbit. Then you go down to the old folks home and mash some old people. Because the Shoe is rough. When you wear it, you're no longer Mario. You're Mario with an attitude and a shoe.

3. UFO (Kirby's Adventure)
I think there's maybe two times in the game you can become a UFO. That sucks. But the UFO is an all powerful machine of death! Which is, um... good. You can use beam, laser and shoot stars... and shoot bigger stars! How can you go wrong with all that firepower? Too bad you can't keep UFO after you pass a level. That's the only downside.

2. Spread (Contra)
The spread gun is the most niftiest gun in Contra ever! One mash of the B-button shoots out exactly 407 bullets. You can start running around like an idiot randomly shooting. Everything will die. Everything. Just like that. I'm not kidding!

1. Hammer Brothers Suit (Super Mario Bros. 3)
The Hammer Bros. Suit is sweet. You can only pick one up in the whole game, but it's worth it. It's worth playing World 6 just for the suit. The fucking suit! It rocks bad things with an arc of death. You just lob a hammer, and it kills anything. Usually in one hit. Ohhh yeah.