0-5 Buy an NES, buddy
6-10 So, you've played the game once, huh?
11-20 You know quite a bit about the game... maybe you haven't played it in a while.
21-30 An above average Final Fantasy gamer. You love the game, and play it often.
31-35 Consider yourself a true blue Final Fantasy Fan. You know a little too much for your own good, though.
36-40 Who do you think you are?! Me?

High Scores:
Name: Score: What I think:
Loogaroo 37 Uh... I counted the score a couple of times. It's no typo. Loogaroo, you get 5 stars, 2 thumbs up, and possibly something else.
Damien C. (warMECH) 36 ... Impressive, sir. Bravo.
CheatMan 36 We have a tie here, folks! We need to have a champion, and there is none now.
Dave 32 REALLY knows his stuff ~Altimadark
EmptyEye 32 An all around excelent quiz! Bravo! And, no, the grave in Elfland isn't "Scott's".
Isaiah 30 We have a first! The first person ever to score a 30! Zowie!
Chef Boyardee X 27 An excellent score.
Thelonius 22 ---
Midn Michael 21 ---
Chris Frank 21 You would have gotten higher (Question #23 'asside' from masmune).
Craig 20 Hm... I think we may have a cheater on our hands.
Scarbellie 20 ---
Sam B. 19 Pretty good score. Everyone seems to get burnt on questions #3 and #18.
Ash 18 ---
Bill 17 Said "Proper English is keen" ~Altimadark
Wiergraf Terrasque 15 ---
Andrew Boswell 15 "But maybe you haven't played it in a while"... and I don't accept "WarBoot"
DJ 13 DJ did well with the first few questions in each section, but couldn't cut it on the harder ones.
Jeff 9 Left over half the answers blank ~Altimadark
Mantis 7 ---
Glide Master 5 One of the few people to get question #3 right. That has to be worth something. Maybe you should have copied all the answers off a FAQ like everybody else. C'mon guys. Nobody knows ALL the enemies with HP divisible by 10... in alphabetical order.
Bubblun 5 Heh. Not bad for someone who "played the game for 20 minutes"
Tom 5 Tom told me he guessed for every question. 5 is pretty good for guessing.
Slayer 5 Said "I don't have a fuck idea dude" for 7-10 questions ~Altimadark
Gregorio Heche 4 Honestly, did I make the quiz too hard, or is no one obsessed as much as me?
aWinnerIsYou 3.5 Buy an NES, buddy.