Final Fantasy Quiz - Again!

Maybe I can avoid making a general NES knowledge quiz for a while by making a new Final Fantasy Quiz for you to take. So, stop drooling and start remembering what happens in Final Fantasy. If you take this quiz and fail, I'll personally knock on your door and run away. That'll teach you! I'm going to make this one easier than the other one. Maybe. I have decided that I'll conduct this quiz a little differently. There are 3 sections. True/False, Multiple Choice, and Short Answer. Enjoy!

SECTION 1: True or False

1) The Soft Potion costs 800 Golds
True   False

2) Melmond is the town where you get the Ship.
True   False

3) The Titan's favorite food are emeralds.
True   False

4) The Rock Gol is a "Wizard" type enemy
True   False

5) The floater is something you find in the royal toilet
True   False

SECTION 2: Multipe Choice

6) The Zeus Gauntlet defends:
Fire Attacks
Lightning Attacks
Ice Attacks
Laugh Attacks

7) The airship is located in:
Crecent Lake
Aldi Sea
Ryukhan Desert
SouthEast Desert

8) The Great Axe May be equipped by:
A Fighter and a Knight
A Knight only
A Fighter, a Knight and a Ninja
A Knight and a Red Wizard

9) When Astos is vanquished:
You get a ruby and keep his crown
You get a crystal and keep his crown
You lose his crown, and get a crystal
Peace is restored! Your quest is over

10) The Perilisk:
Can use Glance
Is weak against fire attacks
Can use Squint
Is a Dragon type enemy

SECTION 3: Short Answer

11) Name the location where you can purchase BRAK

12) Medusa has 2 status changing attacks. One is Glance. The other is:

13) Bracelets can be equipped to

14) Ooze is weak against Ice and Fire spells; Muck is weak against Lit spells. What is Scum weak against?

15) The effect of TMPR:

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