Final Fantasy Quiz!

Well, I'm sick and tired of all those second rate Final Fantasy quizes. This quiz is not meant to be completely simple, and it's not meant to stump the average player. It is meant, as most quizes are, to TEST your knowledge. It has a section for Game Events + General Information, Heroes, Enemies, People of the Land, and Weapons/Armor/Items. IF you happen to be an avid FF gamer, you'll know it all... if you aren't you'll know most of it. And, it is out of 40. Be careful of the wording, too!

SECTION 1: Game Events + General Information

1) What happens when you press A and B 55 Times while sailing?

2) (a)What does TCELES B HSUP mean, and (b)what does it do?

3)What you see the 4 fiends gather from.

4)The "gifts" for saving Sara.

5)Name of the shop with the Bottle.

SECTION 2: The Heroes

6)Light Warrior with Most Intelligence:
White Wizard
Black Wizard
Red Wizard

7)The price of Level 6 Magic:
6000 GP
10000 GP
20000 GP
60000 GP

8)The White Wizard's strongest attack magic is:

9)The Black Mage's strongest attack magic is:

10)Effect of XFER-

11)Effect of SABR-

SECTION 3: The Enemies

12)List 5 enemies with HP divisible by 10:

13)This is the non-boss with the most HP:

14)This enemy guards the proof of courage:

15)Garland's Attack Power Range

16)Effect of "Dazzle"-

17)Effect of "Ink"-

SECTION 4: The People of the Land

18)The amount of non-human races (not counting bosses, Invisible man, etc.)

19)Where are the Dragons and Bahamut located?

20)The owner of the grave in Elfland:

21)Who do you give the Crystal to?

SECTION 5: The Weapons/Armor/Items

22)What shield(s) can a Red Wiz. Equip?

23)Name the following Light Warrior's best weapon. (Asside from the Masmune)
(d)Red Wiz.-
(e)White Wiz.-
(f)Black Wiz.-

24)Name the item needed to get to the Sky Castle.

25) What is the use of the Canoe?

26) The Legendary Ore-

27)The item you give to the Titan-

28)Name the price of the Bottle.

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