A young man with a balding head and a red beard sat down one day, eyes fixated on his pile of NES stuff. He looked to his left, noticing a camera. He looked to his right, noticing a donkey. "Hm," he said, "this gives me an idea".

Stupid introductions aside, welcome to NEStography! This digital photo album will be an outlet for me to show off my stuff, and maybe even make fun of it. This is an inlet for you to soak up some NES goodies. Make a note of this section. It may actually have some informational value. With no further delay, let's look at a nifty picture.

Here we have a groovy shot of my NES games collection. There should be 160 some odd games shown here. If you strain your eyes, you can pick out all my famicom and pirate games in the top corner of the large box. I know, I keep such good care of my games. You don't have to compliment me on my cool holding devices. (Also pictured: Power Rangers: Fighting Edition SFC cart)

Here we are up close and personal with my 3 (wow, 3!!!) Famicom carts. From left to right we see; 52-in-1 cart, Super Mario Bros 2 (I'm sure it's a pirate: I don't see the word "nintendo" anywhere on it), and Bug tte Honey. All 3 Fami to NES adaptors are pirated. Unless the Honey Bee one is somehow legal. I dunno. Maybe they just ripped off the Hudson Soft logo.
This is a boring shot of some various boxes I have. This is nothing special, really. I'm positive that the only box here that's maybe even worth a little bit is the Shinsei Hyper Controller box, or maybe the Quickshot XII controller. The yellow sticker on the NES Satellite means "buyer risk" (the store didn't test it). The brown stuff on the NES Power Set box is packing tape. The box was like that when I got it.
This is a group shot of all my (unsealed) boxes. Not a lot, really. I'm pretty sure I have manuals for all the boxes. The gauntlet pictured is not the Tengen version. The red sticker on The Magic of Sheherazade is actually on plastic that's around the box. A sleeve, if you will. The white stickers on Wrestlemania and World Cup Soccer both show the price, and I'm afraid to peel them off. If you look closely, you can see "Doesn't work" on the Master Hu and the Drunkard Chu box, written in pen. Whatever. The game works.
Here we are up close and personal with my 3 (holy 3, batman!!!) sealed boxes. Xexyz is in this shot and the one above it. I actually bought two sealed copies and opened one. One day, I'll open up another one of these guys. I like the feeling of opening new NES games, so I have to save it for when the time is right.
This is a shot of my two Boomerang controllers. They're actually pretty good, except for the fact that the select button is hard to press in mid-game. Or is that the start? Whichever one is on the top. Squint. You can see a blue button up there. Tip: Do NOT use the boomerang controller to play The Legend of Zelda. Over excitement can cause you to throw the boomerang controller, thinking you are Link and it actually is the boomerang.
One word: NARC!@#

This thing is cool. If you own one of these guys, good for you! It's so fun to play an arcade in your house. It's so loud and out of place. The bad guys are screaming "AUGH!!!" while I blow them up with my rockets "KA-POW! KA-POW!" and my mom yells at me "Shut that thing off!".