What was that? You ask... "HEY! What the hell games do you have anyway?" Hm. All right, buddy. You asked for it...


Nintendo Entertainment System
  1. 10 Yard Fight (Nintendo)
  2. 720º (Mindscape Inc.)
  3. 8 Eyes (TAXAN)
  4. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes of the Lance (FCI)
  5. Adventures of Bayou Billy, the (Konami)
  6. Air Fortress (HAL)
  7. All-Pro Basketball (VIC TOKAI)
  8. Astyanax (Jaleco)
  9. Athletic World (Bandai)
  10. Back to the Future (LJN)
  11. Bandai Golf: Challenge Pebble Beach (Bandai)
  12. Bard's Tale, the (FCI)
  13. Bart vs. the Space Mutants (Acclaim)
  14. Bart vs. the World (Acclaim)
  15. Baseball (Nintendo)
  16. Baseball Simulator 1.000 (Culture Brain)
  17. Baseball Stars II (Romstar/SNK)
  18. Batman (Sunsoft)
  19. Battletoads (Tradewest)
  20. Battletoads/Double Dragon (Tradewest)
  21. Bionic Commando (Capcom)
  22. Blades of Steel (Konami)
  23. Boy and his Blob, a (Absolute)
  24. Bubble Bobble (Taito)
  25. Burai Fighter (Taxan)
  26. Cabal (Milton Bradley)
  27. Caesars Palace (Virgin)
  28. Captain Comic (Color Dreams)
  29. Castlequest (Nexoft)
  30. Castlevania (Konami)
  31. Castlevania II (Konami)
  32. Chiller (American Game Cartridges)
  33. Clash at Demonhead (VIC TOKAI)
  34. Contra (Konami)
  35. Cybernoid (Acclaim)
  36. Darkwing Duck (Capcom)
  37. Deathbots (American Video Entertainment)
  38. Deja Vu (Kemco/Sekia)
  39. Dick Tracy (Bandai)
  40. Donkey Kong (Nintendo)
  41. Donkey Kong Classics (Nintendo)
  42. Double Dragon (Acclaim)
  43. Double Dragon II (Acclaim)
  44. Double Dragon III (Acclaim)
  45. Dr. Mario (Nintendo)
  46. Dragon Spirit (Bandai)
  47. Dragon Warrior (ENIX)
  48. Duck Hunt (Nintendo)
  49. Ducktales (Capcom)
  50. Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy, the (Camerica)
  51. Faxanadu (Hudson Soft)
  52. Final Fantasy (Nintendo/Square)
  53. Friday the 13th (LJN)
  54. Gargoyles Quest (Capcom)
  55. Gauntlet (Tengen)(Liscenced)
  56. Gauntlet II (Mindscape)
  57. Ghostbusters (Activision)
  58. Ghosts 'n Goblins (Capcom)
  59. Ghoul School (Electro Brain)
  60. Goal! (Jaleco)
  61. Godzilla (TOHO Co.)
  62. Golgo 13 (VIC TOKAI)
  63. Goonies II, the (Konami)
  64. Gyromite (Nintendo)
  65. Hogan's Alley (Nintendo)
  66. Impossible Mission II (American Video Entertainment)
  67. Incredible Crash Dummies, the (LJN)
  68. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (Mindscape Inc.)
  69. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (Tengen)
  70. Ironsword (Acclaim)
  71. Jaws (LJN)
  72. Jetsons, the (Taito)
  73. Journey to Silus (Sunsoft)
  74. Karnov (Data East)
  75. Kickle Cubicle (IREM)
  76. Kickmaster (Taito)
  77. Kid Icarus (Nintendo)
  78. Kid Kool (Vic Tokai)
  79. Kid-Niki (Data East)
  80. Kings of the Beach  (Ultra)
  81. Kirby's Adventure (Nintendo)
  82. Krazy Kreatures (American Video Entertainment)
  83. Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf (SNK)
  84. Legend of Kage, the (Taito)
  85. Legend of Zelda, the (Nintendo)
  86. Legendary Wings (Capcom)
  87. Little Meraid, the (Capcom)
  88. Little Nemo the Dream Master (Capcom)
  89. Low G Man (Taxan)
  90. Mafat Conspiracy, the (VIC TOKAI)
  91. Magic of Sheherazade, the (Culture Brain)
  92. Maniac Mansion (Jaleco/Lucasfilm)
  93. Mappy Land (Taxan)
  94. Marble Madness (Milton Bradley)
  95. Master Chu and the Drunkard Hu (Color Dreams)
  96. Megaman II (Capcom)
  97. Megaman III (Capcom)
  98. Metal Gear (Ultra)
  99. Metroid (Nintendo)
  100. Mighty Bomb Jack (Tecmo)
  101. Milon's Secret Castle (Hudson Soft)
  102. Mission: Impossible (Ultra)
  103. Monopoly (Parker Bros.)
  104. Nightmare on Elm Street, a (LJN)
  105. Ninja Gaiden (Temco)
  106. Ninja Gaiden II (Tecmo)
  107. Ninja Kid (Bandai)
  108. Operation Wolf (Taito)
  109. Orb-3D (Hi-Tech)
  110. Othello (Acclaim)
  111. Pac-Man (Tengen)
  112. Paperboy (Mindscape)
  113. PinBot (Rare)
  114. Pirates! (Ultra)
  115. Play Action Footbal (Nintendo)
  116. Power Blade (Taito)
  117. Prince of Persia (Virgin)
  118. Punch Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream (Nintendo)
  119. Puzzle (American Video Entertainment)
  120. Quattro Adventure (Camerica)
  121. Quattro Arcade (Camerica)
  122. Quattro Sports (Camerica)
  123. Rad Racer (Nintendo)
  124. Rampage (Data East)
  125. R.C. PRO-AM (Rare)
  126. River City Ransom (Technos)
  127. Rocket Ranger (Kemco/Seika)
  128. Rockin' Kats (Atlus)
  129. Rygar (Tecmo)
  130. Shadowgate (Kemko/Seika/ICOM)
  131. Shinobi (Teengen) (Unliscenced)
  132. Shockwave (American Game Cartridges)
  133. Skate Or Die!! (Ultra)
  134. Skykid (Sunsoft)
  135. Sky Shark (Taito)
  136. Solar Wars (Chris Covell)
  137. Solomon's Key (Tecmo)
  138. Spy vs. Spy (Kemco/Seika/First Star Software Inc.)
  139. Star Wars (JVC/Lucasfilm Games)
  140. Startropics (Nintendo)
  141. Street Fighter 2010 (Capcom)
  142. Super C (Konami)
  143. Super Dodge Ball (CSG Imagesoft Inc./Technos)
  144. Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo)
  145. Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt (Nintendo)
  146. Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt/World Class Track Meet (Nintendo)
  147. Super Mario Bros. II (Nintendo)
  148. Super Mario Bros. III (Nintendo)
  149. T&C Surf Designs (LJN)
  150. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Ultra)
  151. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II (Ultra)
  152. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III (Konami)
  153. Tetris (Nintendo)
  154. Thundercade (Sammy)
  155. Tiger-Heli (Taito)
  156. Tiles of Fate (American Video Entertainment)
  157. Tiny Toon Adventures (Konami)
  158. Tiny Toon Cartoon Workshop (Konami)
  159. Top Gun (Konami)
  160. Ultima Quest of the Avatar (FCI)
  161. Urban Champion (Nintendo)
  162. Wall Street Kid (SOFEL)
  163. Wayne Gretzky's Hockey (T*HQ)
  164. WCW Wrestling (FCI)
  165. Werewolf (Data East)
  166. Who Framed Roger Rabbit (LJN)
  167. Wild Gunman (Nintendo)
  168. Wizards & Warriors (Acclaim)
  169. World Class Track Meet (Nintendo)
  170. World Cup (Nintendo)
  171. WrestleMania Challenge (LJN)
  172. X-Men (LJN)
  173. Xexyz (Hudson Soft)
  174. Yoshi (Nintendo)
  175. Zelda II: the Adventure of Link (Nintendo)

Pointless Stats
Total Games: 175
Most Popular Company: Nintendo (30 titles)
Most Popular Letter: S (19 titles)
Most Disappointing Game: the Goonies II (Come ON, Konami!)
Cream of the Crop: Unopened copy of Xexyz.
What the: I own Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt and World Class Track Meet on seperate carts, as well as the 2-in-1 and the 3-in-1 carts.



52 in 1 (Pirate)
Bug tte Honey (Hudson Soft)
Super Mario Bros 2 (Nintendo)

Pointless Stats
Yay for Famicom carts.


Random Things

1 plastic Roger's Video rental case
1 plastic Eraplast single NES cart holder
1 beige plasic Ninteno brand case
1 neon orange plasic Ninteno brand case
1 neon blue plastic Nintendo brand case
2 neon pink plasic Ninteno brand cases
4 neon green plasic Ninteno brand cases
1 tall blue plastic case with massacared "Bard's tale" Insert
1 tall clear plastic case with massacared "8 Eyes" Insert
25 various boxes, 1 "power set" box, 1 Galoob Game Genie box (as of June)
49 unique instruction manuals, 2 dupes, 3 system manuals, 5 Game Genie codebooks (as of June)
2 unique posters (Hudson soft & Baseball Stars 2)
2 unique Club Nintendo membership order cards
8 standard NES controllers (3 in working order)
1 Quickshot XII Joystick
1 NES Advantage
2 Quickshot Boomerang Controllers
1 Acclaim Remote Controller
1 Shinsei Hyper Controller
1 Turbo Tech Controller
1 Grey Zapper
1 Orange Zapper
1 Power Pad
1 NES Satellite
1 Galoob Game Genie
1 Camerica Game Genie
1 Nintendo brand NES Cleaning Kit
3 Generic NES cart holders
1 Nintendo brand "toolbox" NES cart carrier

Pointless Stats
It's modest, I know.
Most prized box: Master Chu and the Drunkard Hu
Most prized manual: Donkey Kong Classics (I had to crawl in behind a dusty piano with a stick to get it)
Damn cheesiest thing: Roger's Video box... you'd have to see it.