You start here, in the palace. King Morock Tells you you need to pass the training center to be recognized as a true warrior. He also tells you you will get the Spectre's Fingernail once you become a true warrior.

Leave the palace, and talk to everyone. Note what they have to tell you. Go to the building at the far right. That's the training center. Go to the right of the room, and enter the swirl.

This is an extremely basic level. It's main purpose is to get you used to flying and clinging to walls. There are no enemies, but there are spikes. Scale the first wall, and fly to the right. make your way to the right using the white stones as stepping stones. Once you have climbed to the highest point, you must fly to the left, to get Arkob's Pot. Once you get the pot, you're done the level.

After you pass the training center, you are told about a mysterious Black light that swept the town. You must hurry back to king Morock. Once you leave the room, you must pass another level.

Hooded Demons pop out of the ground in this level, so watch your step. After the last building, there is a hidden room. drop down, and pass through the wall on the left about midway down. In the hidden room is a vial that isn't colored red like the others (it increases your health). Other than that, try not to drop in between the buildings, as the enemies down there can be quite annoying. At the end of the stage, take the door, and face Nagus, the boss.

Fighting Nagus
Nagus is a pretty easy boss. Stay on the left platform, and let him have it. If he shoots the targe fireball, it will simply bounce and float under you. If he shoots a spread of three fireballs, backtrack a little bit and float in midair so that the top and middle balls pass above and below you, respectively. If he jumps towards you, make your way to the other platform.

After you kill the boss, you can leave his room. You'll appear in Morock's room. he gives you the Spectre's Fingernail. You can now jump higher than before. Yay. He tells you to go to Gibea, and visit King Barr. So your adventure continues.

Outside Etruria, there are 6 vials in a pot near the mountains. Go west until you meet the hooded guy blocking a road. He deduces that you must be from the Ghoul Realm. Because he reminds you so much of Sherlock Holmes, and you hate cocaine addicts who star in mystery novels, you decide to kick his ass. After you beat him, take the bridge. It's a pretty short level where you have to scale walls, and pass spikes and fire. It's not a hard level, but be careful. Once you pass the bridge, go North to Gibea.


Ah, Gibea. Welcome to the second town. Once you wander around and chat with the locals a bit, you realize that this town really got its ass kicked by some unimaginable force. Cool. This sounds like something worth checking out. So, you decide to go talk to king Barr. After striking up a brief conversation, you realize that whatever it was that kicked this town's ass also turned Barr into Beavis. So now there's another level for you to do. Go east and talk to a zombie. He asks you if you want to cross the river of flame. Like you have a choice. Agree, He'll give you the Dargon Scales and let you go on.

Excitingly, you get to do another bridge level. This one this bridge is similar to the last one, only there are moving platforms that shoot stuff at you. Shouldn't be too hard. Be careful, and move on. At the end of the bridge you make it to Sidon, a shitty little town that sort of just sucks. Don't really worry about this town, but remember the name. I may refer to it later. There are 6 vials laying around outside Sidon, and there is a hooded guy you can fight for more. When you're ready, go east north, to a temple looking thing, surrounded by trees.

Wow! A brand new level: "Hinom"! This is the first really tricky level in the game. The monsters in here can really be annoying if you aren't super careful. Right off the bat, you're hit with some new enemies. The ones that chase you around, stop, and chase you again die in one hit, and should be easy enough to dodge. The ones that are stuck to the platforms and spit weird little balls are the ones that can be a pain. Especially if those flying chaser doodads are on your tail. Take out the flying one, and then carefully shoot the ones that spit at you from a distance. The level is basically one long line, except for one part. It may not be obvious at first, but the part that splits (pictured at the beginning of this paragraph) leads to the end of the level. The more obvious path leads to an extra life. Go left down for the exit, right for the extra life. Hint: Do not die going after the extra life. That sucks.

Soon enough, you should come to a part where there's a pit. When you jump in, you realize that there is actually an updraft (coming from spikes; meh) which pushes you up when you start flying. Avoid spikes and whatnot on your way up. You're almost there! Just go left, dodge some spikes, boney seagulls that drop things on you, and gum chewing pod people. Then go down and left. I swear, it's gonna be better down there. You have to be careful of a couple of spikes, and then you get to fight the boss.

Fighting the boss
This boss shouldn't be too much of a problem. While it sits at the right, jup up and fly, so you are blocked by the platform but can still shoot under it. That way, when he sucks you towards him, you won't move (he also blaws you away; counter by pressing right). Try to stay in the air at all times. When he shoots bubbles at you, use your mad skillz to dodge them. They move slowly, so this shouldn't be hard. When he switches sides, float under him to the other side and repeat.

After you kill the boss, leave the room. You will get the Night Drop and the Buster. None of your stats gain any levels yet. Equip the Buster right away. It's better than your first attack.

Now, we go back to Sidon. Have a break, get your password get some mealstrom. Whatever.

The Hectate

Now you're ready for the next little part. From Sidon, go west then north to a cave. Someone called the Hectate lives there. There are 24 vails lying around in this cave. Take advantage of them. Now make your way to the house inside the cave. Talk to the Hectate, and she'll make a Candle of Darkness for you (pontless, but... eh). Now use the candle on the little swirly in centre of the room. Now it's story time. Red the story of you want. It basiclly tells you to find the Gremlin Stick in Desert Sittem. But alas, your wings suck ass! So talk to the Hectate to get the Wings of a Fallen Angel. Leave the cabin, and use the east exit.

After a short walk, you should find yourself in front of a little Zombie man. And boy, is he happy to see you. He's so happy, he lets you try to cross Gaza Valley. Walk past this guy and into the valley.

Gaza Valley is a bitch. Try your hardest to jump over the first pit. That's the killer. You have to jump right at the very edge, and fly as you're falling down. You must reach the peak of your jump before you start to fly, or you will not make it. After you get to the other side and cling to the wall, climb it as quickly as possible, or else one of those bone seagulls will hit you. The rest of the level is pretty ho-hum. The game throws a new thing at you, though. Platforms that fall when you stand on them. No problem. Stay in the air. At the very last platform, it looks like there's no place to land.Take a leap of faith to the right, and you will land on solid ground.

This brings us to Sittem. There are 12 vials kicking around the desert. Collect them and then go into the palace at the bottom right.

Okay. This castle is pretty annoying, but there's nothing too new. At the start, keep moving down and don't really worry about the flowers on the wall, except for the one pictured to the left. Use your buster to break through the wall and try to kill the flower. You can only hit it when it's open. The bats are fairly simple, as they just fly in a straight line and don't worry too much about the genies. Just punp 'em full of buster.

If you take the shortcut through the wall, try to keep in the air. Kill everything that comes your way. At the first peak, be careful for fish that jump out of the sand. This area can drain your life quickly. Once you get over the first hump, stay on the platforms, as there is a heart in the top right corner. You could use the refresher. Be careful not to hit the spikes while getting it. Now drop straight down, so you're on a platform to the right of a genie in a bottle. Do not attempt to to collect the bottle (I do that sometimes). Now drop down a little and go to the right. This area is pretty easy, but stay high up from the sand, as to avoid the fish. And get ready to fly whenever you drop down, because you never know when there are going to be spikes. Break through one wall, and you're at the end.

Fighting the boss
This is the boss of level 3. The sand ground pushes you around while he flings himself at you. Try to keep moving and try to stay on the platforms or in the air. After he hops around a bit, he'll make some small sand demons that float through the air at you. If they attatch themselves tou you, it slows you down (a la mini-goombas, Mario 3). Avoid them at all costs. Well, except for at the cost of life. The boss isn't too hard anyway.

Once again, when you kill the boss leave the room. Once you leave, you get the gremlin stick. Joy. You also get Tornado. Tornado will come in handy for the return to Gibea.

Okay, go back to Gaza Valley. Equip yourself with Tornado. Test it out a bit. When you're comfortable with it, use it to cross back over Gaza Valley. Now go back through the Hectate's cave. Stop off at Sidon and have a drink with the guys or something. Now go back over the bridge. Now go back to Gibea and talk to Barr.

King Barr

Hey, what do you know? He shill thinks he's Beavis. No rest for the good guy. Use the Gremlin Stick on him. He'll be so happy that he got his power back, he'll give it all to you. Now you can jump higher. Yay. He also opens up a new path to the west. So go west and follow the path. Eventually, you will come to a bridge with a dude in front of it. When you talk to him,  you discover that he's dying. He hangs on long enough to tell you that the black light is headed for the King's Palace. Coincidentally, that's where you're headed. Kick his dead body asside and continue. Now for another fun bridge level.

This bridge level is pretty tricky, unless you know what to do. Fly up and kill the first monster on the platform. Now cling to the wall below the spikes. Now drop down, and fly as you are falling. Fly right again and kill the next monster on the platform. Now go up. You may want to use Tornado, but you don't have to. Kill the dude, and move to the edge of the platform. Jump down and right. If you get hit by the guy on the ledge don't worry. Kill him and now just go right. And viola! One more bad guy and you're done. Now you find yourself in front of a castle. You can wander aroud and get vials, but go here before going in any other place.

Now you're in the King's Palace. You're greated by a bunch of idiots who don't know what's going on. Something's fishy. So you decide to ask around. One dude tells you that something is awry here. Go and get your password. You may need it. Now, you decide to ask the king about the weirdness. But guess what? He has no idea what you're talking about. He even tells you not to worry about it and go back to Etruria. Something's fishy here too. Do not agree to go back home. Guess what? He's a bad guy. Didn't see that coming, did you? Okay. So try not to get too scared of his evil looking form, and get ready to kick the hell outta him.

Fighting the boss
Well, this boss is somewhat hard. Just keep moving and be patient. Shoot at him when you can. Try to not get yourself caught in the corner. He doesn't attack you in any way, he just runs into you and that takes off power. He's pretty quick. Be caeful and you will come out on top.

After you kill the phoney king of the Ghoul Realm, the town goes back to normal. Wander around and talk to the townsfolk. You are told about the black light and Mt. Imaus and an old town and stuff. You can also get the Essence of the Ghoul Realm in one of the labs. Just say No when the guy asks you if you've heard of it. Your life will increase.