This hooded demon pops out of the ground, and just sort of wanders back and forth. Arguably the most basic foe.
The flying eyeball type demons perch near the end of ledges, and fly in a tight curve in one direction once you come close enough.
I'm not juite sure what to call these things. But they jump in your direction, wether they can hit you or not. They take a high arc, and are easy to kill.
Similar to the last foe, this chicken leg (?) jumps in your direction, with a high arc. Sometimes, they preform a special attack where they spin. Ooo.
This egg thing is a bitch. It just sits there and continuously shoots its heads at you. Try to avoid this guy. He shoots to quickly to try to attack.
The first type of wall bug simply runs up and down the wall. Shoot him before you try to cling onto the wall.
The fireball is a very basic enemy. He just gets in the way. He sits, typically on small ledges, and takes two hits to kill. Flying before you land on the ledge does the trick.
Nagus is the boss of the first level. He jumps around, and has 2 fire attacks. See the walkthrough for more details.
These platforms float back and forth and shoot rocks out of thier mouths at you. Look out, or you'll get hit and fall into spikes or something. Ouch.
These things like to chill out on small platforms and vomit up little red balls at you. Shoot them from a distance if you value your hearts.
These slow enemies float around and chase you. Deftly avoid them and shoot them with your mad skillz.
Red pods that have spikes which shoot out and retract again. Just avoid them. And don't ask how they work. They don't like that.
Tolken spike. It moves up and down very slowly, and you must use split-hour timing to jump over it.
This guy flies around overhead and drops circles or something on you. If you can press the left or right direction when he drops it, you should be fine.
These guys sit on small ledges in a "flower" form. Then they stick thier heads out and shoot what looks like a wad of gum at you. You can only hit them when they stick thier heads out.
This is the boss of level 2. He pushes you away and sucks you in with his smelly garlic breath. He also shoots bubbles. Refer to the walkthrough for details.
These flower thing pods chill out on walls and shoot little spirit things at you. They are fairly easy to dodge. You can only hit the flower when it's open.
When these bats see you, they fly in a straight line at you. Move in the appropriate direction to dodge them.
These things usually don't appear. Don't worry if you see a blue bottle and move on. If he does appear, quickly fill him with attacks.
These stupid fish jump out of the sand and hit you. A lot. If you find an area where these things are, don't be there any more. Just get out.
This is the boss of level 3. He just sort of hops around and flings himself at you. Watch out for the sand demons he produces. Refer to the walkthrough for details.
This guy doesn't attack, he just advances. Refer to the walkthrough for details.