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Gargoyle's Quest II

Instruction Manual


Thank you for selecting Gargoyle's Quest II for your library of NES games. We
are proud to bring you this action-role playing game that offers hours of
challenges and sheer adventure!

Discover the finest graphics ever produced for an 8-bit game combined with
intense music and sound effects that will make Gargoyle's Quest II one of
your all-time favorite games!

Joe Morici, Vice President, Capcom USA


Demon - warrior - hero!

A long time ago, between the age of the dinosaurs and the dawn of mankind,
there existed the magical world of Etruria. A local monster named Firebrand
from the Ghoul Realm was busy training in the arts of the warrior. He is a
young and powerful gargoyle - human in shape, yet he has leathery wings with
massive claws on his hands and feet.

He studies at the Warrior's Training Center to use his combat talents in
defense of the Ghoul Realm. His time comes (sooner than he expected), as a
mysterious black light appeared one day and drained the magic from the land.


Getting started

To begin, press the Start button. This gives you the options Start and Pass-
word. Begin a new game by pressing Start, or continue a previous one by sel-
ecting Password. Passwords are obtained by talking to people in different
areas of the game. Don't forget to write all passwords down!


The overview screen.

The first view you have of Firebrand is from an overhead perspective. All major
traveling and communication that Firebrand does happens in this mode. When he
leaves a village, the vantage point changes again to show him walking through
the countryside.

Directions for Firebrand in this mode are:

Control pad - Up, Down, Left and Right moves Firebrand in those directions.

Start - Brings a small menu on the screen with three categories:
Level- See the current status of Firebrand and the items he has collected.
Tool - See a list of the tools (items) Firebrand has received.
Magic - See the magic that Firebrand possesses.

A - Converse initially with other characters by pressing this button. Continue
the conversations be pressing the A or B buttons.

B - Press this button to cancel a screen.

Select - Not used here.


The battle mode

This is the up close and personal mode where you do all of the fighting! As a
proud gargoyle warrior, Firebrand is ready to go toe-to-toe with the biggest
(and ugliest) of the Realm!

A status area is at the bottom of the screen. The notations are read as 

Life - Firebrand's stamina, or how many times he can be hit.

Wing LV - The duration of his flying ability. As you progress, this will last

Player - How many lives he has left.


Control for the battle

Directions for Firebrand in this mode are:

Left or Right - Moves Firebrand in those directions. When Firebrand is cling-
ing to a structure, pressing Down on the control pad releases him.

A - Press once to jump in the air. Press again while jumping to sustain the 
jump into a short flight. (Tap the A button for short jump or hold it down for
a higher jump.) He will continue to fly until either the Wing LV runs out or
you press the A button a third time. Use Firebrand's jumping ability to scale
walls and other objects.

B - Firebrand launches a magical weapon.

Start - Brings up a sub-screen that shows Firebrand's current status. They are:

J-LV - His jumping level.
Vial - the number of vials that Firebrand has collected. Use these to pur-
chase valuable items.

This sub-screen shows the magic that Firebrand possesses. Toggle between the
magic and the Essence of the Soulstream by pressing Left or Right on the 
control pad. Press the A button to select an item.

Fireball - You'll start the game with this one.
Blockbuster - Destroys blocks that are in your way.
Claw - Firebrand can climb up spikes and take no damage.
Darkfire - The most powerful magic he will receive.
Essence of the Soulstream - Regains all lost stamina.


Game play notes

We have included a Notes page in this manual for your convenience. We recom-
mend that you log all Passwords so that you can continue the game at the
nearest spot where you left off.

About the magic - Firebrand has a marvelous and quite dangerous journey ahead
of him. He starts out with a little power and collects more magic and energy
as he develops his warrior skills. Solve quests and defeat monsters to win
new magic items and move ever closer to the final completion of this