In Overview (adventure) Mode:

Control pad - Up, Down, Left and Right moves Firebrand in those directions.

Start - Brings a small menu on the screen with three categories.

A - Converse initially with other characters by pressing this button. Continue the conversations be pressing the A or B buttons.

B - Press this button to cancel a screen.

Select - Not used here.

In Battle Mode:

Left or Right - Moves Firebrand in those directions. When Firebrand is clinging to a structure, pressing Down on the control pad releases him.

A - Press once to jump in the air. Press again while jumping to sustain the jump into a short flight. (Tap the A button for short jump or hold it down for a higher jump.) He will continue to fly until either the Wing LV runs out or you press the A button a third time. Use Firebrand's jumping ability to scale walls and other objects.

B - Firebrand launches a magical weapon.

Start - Brings up a sub-screen that shows Firebrand's current status.

Select - Not used here.