According to Nintendo of America (inc.)

Some time ago, I came across the Nintendo of America "Top 100 games of all time" list, which included every nintendo system. Although I disagree totally with their list, and their views, you can take out just the NES games, and you'll have 30. A top 30 NES games list? Perhaps. I don't see how it couldn't be. I mean, if the top 30 games for the NES were found in a different order than they appear in the top 100 list... well, you get my point.  Before I start, I'd like to say that I do NOT endorce this list. I meerely wish to make fun of it. So, here's the list.

  1. Super Mario Bros 3

  2. The Legend of Zelda

  3. Super Mario Bros

  4. Mega Man

  5. Castlevania

  6. Temco Bowl

  7. Punch-Out!!

  8. Metroid

  9. Zelda II: The Adventures of Link

  10. Final Fantasy

  11. Adventures of Lolo

  12. Super Mario Bros 2

  13. Ninja Gaiden 2

  14. Contra

  15. Bionic Commando

  16. Crystalis

  17. Maniac Mansion

  18. Blaster Master

  19. Star Tropics

  20. Double Dragon

  21. Shadowgate

  22. RC Pro-Am Racing

  23. Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers

  24. Dragon Warrior IV

  25. Metal Gear

  26. the Goonies II

  27. Baseball Stars

  28. Battletoads

  29. Kickle Cubicle

  30. Ultima: Quest of the Avatar

First off in the diss-a-thon. The top 5. Okay. They're all good games. Sure. But the BEST games? I donno. Mario 3 is only there because it sold a lot of copies. Mario 1 is only there because it was the "groundbreaker". I have no beef with Mega Man and Castlevania... but should they be so high up? No way. The Legend of Zelda is valid.

Next. The 6-10 category. Temco Bowl? Metriod? Good games, sure, but I don't think I'd even put them in my top 30, let alone the top 10. As for Punch Out!! and Final Fantasy, can we say "higher up"? These games are WAY to low. Zelda II is valid.

Next. 11-20. Adventures of Lolo, Bionic Commando, Crystalis, Blaster Master, Star Tropics... WHOOSH! I just flushed them all down. Once again, good games. But are they really deserving games? Have we forgotten about Paperboy? Pirates? Hell, Gargoyles Quest!?As for Maniac Mansion, and Contra.... HIGHER UP! These games seem to be misplaced with the other double didgit games.

Ah, finally. 21-30. Crap. Dragon Warrior III was far better than Number IV. Goonies II really just sort of sucked. A scary high point is Baseball Stars and Battletoads. I'm dissapointed to see no mention of such classics as T+C Surf Design, Little Nemo the Dream Master (which I suck at, but it's still a good game), or even Mega Man 2 or 3. Jesus, Nintendo. Grow a brain.