Me am band have.

Okay, it isn't really a band. It's just me. And a crappy wav editor. But anyway, I like to make NES remixes and the like. I think I'm getting better at it. Here's a list of my stuff.

Song Title

File Size Comments

In The Basement

1,419KB This is my personal favorite. It features some clips of a Steven Bernstein track. Super Mario Bros remix. It has a nice drum beat I made by hand No fancy drum machines here!
Poseur Pete 2,327KB I screwed up when I was saving this song, and the last part sounds like crap. Oh well. Skate or Die remix with some fun effects. Like distortion. And flanger! WOO!
Faxanadub 3,528KB This was the first thing I made- A Faxanadu Remix. It's a pretty badly thrown together song with no rhythm. Beat made from sound effects from the game.
Mambo Duck 1,640KB I was just messing around with FruityLoops and a Darkwing Duck sample, and this came out. Whee.
Bees Knees 1,995KB This is a remix of some Ninja Kid cuts, Featuring a beat by Tom the TerrorWrist. AKA Tom of Disflux.
Toad Smush 1,776KB One of the groovy tunes from SMB2 shittily thrown together with a drum beat and some funny ha ha Adam Sandler.