Why this site doesn't have more information...

(What're you looking at?)

Well, I've decided that I should explain to you, my viewers, exactly why my site does not have more information than it does. If you're at this site (my god, you are) then you've likely noticed that there is very little actual information. Sure, there are a few sections here and there where you can be informed of things. But not very many compared to the rest of the... ah... "junk". Maybe, as I suspect, you've even wondered why I'm so prone to not conveying actual messages, or not giving you some real information. There are many reasons, of course, that I don't make very many... ah... "useful sections".

The biggest reason, I think, is the whole concept of originality. I don't want to run around and use the same information given by other sites. I could, for example, give you the same information about NES media that you can find in NES Enshrined (Dief's site. An excellent source of actual coherent thoughts and information). However, what would be original about that? I figure that if I gave the same information that is accessible in other people's sites, then you would have no real reason to come here-- it's all found elsewhere anyway. So, I try to give you people things that no other site has (which is why I also stopped making reviews of games). Of course, it's hard to create informative pages that no other site has. I do have a couple of things that, I think, are informative and only found here, but would you come here only for the few pages of information that I do have? I think not. So, I have to create some pages that have no informational value what so ever. I make things like NES Nescience, which isn't very informative-- but is still rather entertaining. Even this section, the editorial section, is very unoriginal. I'm sort of against the idea of even having this section, but I do rather enjoy being able to rant and rave about any topic I feel fit to.

The next biggest reason, I suppose, would have to be my personal opinion. My favorite part about most sites is the one or two (in my case, six or seven) pages that are just plain silly. I like to see the humorous side of the NES. Sure, reviews are great, and I really like learning about the history of a particular game company. But there's that gem of a section every once in a while. That's why I enjoy a site like Seanbaby's NES page so much. It sort of pokes fun at everything. Now, I'm not comparing myself to Seanbaby (there's no comparison, really; he kicks ass) because we run different types of pages-- that's not the point. The point is that a site could have no information whatsoever for me to enjoy it. If it simply used images from video games in a humorous way (thank you Ogre) I would enjoy it.

I suppose that's all I have to say for now.