Dolphin - the itch on the crotch of the video game world

(My girl's got a big mouth, which means she blabbers a lot.)

If you are following Nintendo at all these days, you'll know about the Dolphin project. If you've been following me me, you'll know of my bitter hatred of anything that is Nintendo and more than 32 bits. If you don't know my history, I'll give you a little blurb. I used to play the N64. When I first played Mario 64, I was heard to mutter "What is this garbage? Oh well... maybe the games will get better". Then I played Goldeneye. I was heard to say under my breath "What is this garbage? Oh well... maybe the games will get better". Then I played Ocarina of Time, and was heard to say rather loudly "What is this garbage? Oh well... there goes my faith in Nintendo". True story. Now, with the planning of "Dolphin", I am heard to say "Wear steel toed boots before you put a foot in the door".

Nintendo is diving into the unknown, without having mastered their current machine. As in the past, Nintendo will surely vito the N64 when Dolphin rears its stupid bottle nosed head. When Nintendo made the SNES, they had already mastered the NES. Those games were good. However, the jump from 16 to 64 was a little too much for Nintendo to handle. Even Virtual Boy (32 bits) was good, but it was a product with no market. Who wants a semi-portable system anyway (Especially when there's a super system in the N64 scheduled just around the corner)? Maybe Nintendo should have perfected the Virtual Boy before releasing the N64. Ugh. I'm getting off topic.

I've taken a poll with my friends and family, and almost nobody wants to puchase the proposed "Dolphin". Either I've poisoned their minds with my "8 bits is better than 64 bits" babble, or they actually realize the aubsurdity of Nintendo releasing new technology when they are still releasing sub-par products. If you think about the N64 in terms of Gameboy, you can see what I mean. Look how much Nintendo is doing with their little 8 bit creation. Even looking at a game that was released several years ago—Final Fantasy Legend III—you can see how Nintendo has made the best of what they have. Now if you look at a game for the N64, you realize that they could do so much more. And think of Playstation, with their "inferior" system is still producing games of better quality than the N64. Logically, with a more powerful machine, you can create better things, right? WRONG! Sure, you can argue that Nintendo doesn't have Square or Capcom any more... whoa, there goes all the best games, right? Hm... well, maybe. Still, other companies can make good games. Besides, FF7 sucked ass and so did Mega Man 8 and Mega man Legends... but not Resident Evil. Oh baby.

Er. I'm off topic again. If you've been following this rant, what I've basically been saying is that with Nintendo boasting such *ahem* quality titles as Pokemon Snap, Mario Pary, and Yoshi's Story then maybe they aren't ready for another upgrade.

This is the OSG, signing off.

PS, Super Smash Bros. is pretty fun. Fox McLeod for ever!