(I'd just like to say a few words.)

Well, I think I'm getting to the point where I'm really into this website. I am constantly creating updates in my spare time. And, I'm not to blame for this waste of space. Well, not wholly at least. I just wanted to take some time and give some excuses why my site even exists.

First off, I'd like to thank Alex Moore... wherever you are. He maintained the greatest NES webpage to ever exist. If it wasn't for the NES Nation, most of us wouldn't be around today. I'd also like to thank Spazzoid for indirectly showing me how to not suck.

Next, I'd like to mention the Ogre Hombre for giving us the gift of the Ogre's Planet: NES, and for helping me (though he doesn't know it) to create a better website. (Hah! How could it be any worse?)

I just have to thank Dief (Mike Craig) for basically all of my inspiration to this point. And he (who doesn't know it either) also helped me to better my website. He also has the distinct honor of giving me the inspiration to get off my lazy ass and produce something. Thanks muchly, Dief. If it wasn't for you, I likely wouldn't be here.

That brings me to the NES Dimension. You don't suck. Heh. Really, thanks a lot Mr. Magitek. When I was still a nobody you used some of my input. That is to say, if I'm not a nobody now.

Thanks to Quizzle, for basically putting up with what could be passed off as a death threat. Remind me to send that guy an explanation of my letter, found in the mail bag section of his site. I think it came across differently than I had intended. Oh yeah, he inspired me a bit too.

I have to give a big howdy to Tom. This man kicks serious ass. We're usually on the same page when it comes to banter. Plus, he's my favorite webspace provider. I have tons o' freedom. I have to say that you must show respect to Tom. He's not quite as cool as I am (hah!) but, girls at home, he's better than you are.

Thank you Claw X for giving me more letters single handedly than everyone else before the year 2000 combined. You were enough help to even make the strongest man sick-- wether it was for entries to the contest or not.

I'd like to thank Hy & Zel's for selling me Ninja Kid in 1996, thereby rekindling my need for new NES games.

I also need to mention 1-Stop Video Games for selling me most of my NES collection, and giving me the odd rarity.

If you're still here, thanks. You people are the ones who I do stuff like this for. If you do happen to be reading this, that means you're likely the fan who I've been trying to reach out to.