GWA HA HA! I've fooled you! You've fallen right into my trap! There's no way out, now! Now you have to stay here, and see what I have to say! Gwa ha ha!

Oh, grandpa! You brought me the people you said you would! Now we can play!
Quiet, Eugene, I'm getting to that. All in due time. I'm going to have some fun with these people myself, first. Come here, you...
Hey! Stop right there! Where did you come from? I didn't sanction any of this. How did you get onto this site, anyway? Everything has to be authorized by me before it shows up here.
Gwa ha ha! I stole your security card when you were asleep! I can do whatever I want to, now! You and your little dog can't stop me now!
What are you talking about? I don't have a dog...
YAY! Is this a new friend for me, grandpa? Can we play now, Mr. Gamer? Can we? Pleeeeeeeeeze?
Uh. Please get out of my site. This has gone far enough. I'm the owner, so I say what goes.
Dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig...
Oh, I'm just digging a hole...
Who are you?
Yeah, who are you?
I'm fixing your house, OSG.
What's wrong with my house?
(OSG's house)
Gwa ha ha! What an ugly house!
Ack! Get out of here, all of you! This is my webpage! I run the show, here! Get! Get!
Okay, okay... sheesh. Party pooper.
I'm going to go play with that construction worker. You guys are no fun. Bye!
I can't leave.
Just leave! I want order back in my website...
Well, whatever order I had to begin with
But, I have a desk. Gwa ha ha! If you want me out, you'll have to move it yourself.
Uh, I'm not a very strong person... whoever you are... Wait a minute! I have an idea!
What's that?
GWA HA HA! NO! It looks like you have a new partner, Old-School Gamer! I'm never gonna leave.
... Fine,  I'll let you stay. But you might as well do something productive. Contribute every once in a while. Whatever. But you have to tell me your name first...
Gwa ha ha. Yeah, right!
BAH! Sorry about that, folks. It's all under control, now. I hope that zany character doesn't pop up and ruin things every once in a while.