Rainy Day Fun

So, what are you supposed to do when you've already played every NES game in your collection? What are you supposed to do when you're so bored that your teeth hurt? You go to your reserves! Yeah, you try to entertain yourself with stupid NES tasks such as, trying to get to Gannon in the Legend of Zelda without obtaining any swords. But let's face it— you don't want to put a long term commitment in. You only want to kill a bit of time. So you automatically factor out everything that'll take more than one day. (Though you could get to Gannon in one day, it's ill advised for health reasons). Anyway, inane introductions aside, here's a list of cool stuff to do on a rainy day.
When you're down to the bottom of the barrel, Tetris is usually a safe game to break out. It takes minimal brain power to play. You can just sort of pick it up, and get right into it. It's a really great quick play. But what happens when you've been playing for 6 straight hours? Weird shit starts to happen, that's for sure. One of the many alternative Tetris games you could play is something I like to call "I can't believe this ain't Tetris!" What you gotta do, see, is Try to get as many points as possible, without getting a single line. Just pile up blocks until you stack up all the way. If you get very good at this, you can use my special technique. Realize that it's 7:30 and you've been up for nearly 16 hours playing Tetris.
I'm not especially proud of what I do when I'm bored, and can only seem to find my Tetris cart. It's actually quite sad. But some games that I come up with are actually kind of fun, and sometimes challenging to the max! For example, one of my most favoritest games in the whole wide world is River City Ransom. Wait, that's not an example of something cool I came up with... Uh, anyway, River City Ransom by itself is fun. And it's, uh, sometimes a challenge— if you happen to be missing your left thumb. Anyway, if you really want a new and quick thing to do, try to go through the whole game, without getting a single powerup. Not one book, not one croissant, not even a Teddy Bear or the Mega Maze. Now, I'm pretty sure this task is nearly impossible. I mean, I run into Moose and turn the game off because he beats me up. At least with Dragon feet, you can cheap up your opponents a bit. You know, get 'em into the corner and kick the living snout outta them. Er, anyway, if this isn't your fancy, there are still other things to do. Don't despair.
I know what you're thinking. "Jeepers creepers, OSG! You've had an NES site for almost 2 years, and still haven't made fun of Rampage yet! What gives?"
Well, heh. I have to break down sometime, right? Next thing you know, I'll be making fun of the Robot Monsters in Megaman or something. All joking aside, the next thing I have to say is not going to be funny at all. One of the best ways to kill a long period of time is to play Rampage
Stop crying! It's true! Since there are no passwords, you don't have to worry about something trivial like continuing another day. You just sit down and start punching. If you're so bored that you have to resort to this list, you must be able to handle Rampage anyway. Tip: every little while, press start on controller two and beat up on the monkey for a while. I'll assume you're using cool Lizzy in stead of stupid ass George.
Hey, you can't always cure boredom with NES games. If you get so bored that even the idea of not getting lines in Tetris doesn't appeal to you, you could always start an NES website with no long term goals. I've done it... twice! And look who's reading who's material right now. Don't worry! If you only want to kill one rainy afternoon, just whip something together, and find someone foolish enough to host it. Geocities or Tripod work well, as they host anonymously. If you want your afternoon project to really take off, pose as me and post a message on some NES message boards about "OSG's great new site!".

When all else fails, there is one thing that all NES players do from time to time... it's so hypnotizing... can't stop watching...