NES Nescience -- part two

It seems that another roll of film has been developped folks! These are from my most recent trip to, uh... Kalamazoo. Yeah. Anyway, you can look at these fantabulous pictures. Ooo. Ahhh.

This is a picture of me meeting up with some people from the land of Final Fantasy. I walked up to them and called out, "You Impertinant fools! I will knock you all down!" And then it just went downhill from there. The invisible man came over and tripped me. It wasn't fair! I didn't even see him! Even the brooms were against me with thier bristles and things...

I went to go meet that tree guy in Battle of Olympus. Some dorky little kid running around with a bat and a turqoise helmet told me he was a smart tree man. I figgured that I might as well meet him, since he might be able to give me a better conversation than Nemo. Talking about candy and froggies is fine, but I do need something different. Anyway, the only thing the tree guy had to say was "You're not strong enough to eat my Chilli". I tried to tell him that I was, but no. He wouldn't even let me taste it. Bastard.

I even met Willy recently. He really seemed to like the way that I stand, so I tried to show him just how to do it. It looks like he's sort of got it. No, Willy, you have to look like you're being patted down by a cop. That's more like it.

I even got a little action on my trip! This is me and some random naked girl. Actually, we didn't do anything. She just posed for the camera, and Nemo took pictures. I sort of remember having more pictures that just the one, though... hey, where did Nemo go?