NES Nescience

Hello, friends. I bet you all would like to know all about me, as I am a very interesting person. For your reading and viewing pleasure, I have given you some of my most fantastic pictures. They all depict me chillin' with video game superstars. And with no further delay, here it is.

Here I am with my hero, Firebrand. He was working on something called his "chi" when this picture was taken. Kept telling me and Nemo to bugger off, because we were wrecking his mantra, or something. What a kidder. That's the problem with those true warrior types. They always sound so serious, but they're really just pulling your leg. And boy, can that Firebrand pull hard. I think I needed something like 48 stitches after that one.

Well, here I am with capitan Bucky O'Hare. Bucky is a real cool guy, and he let me look around his ship and everything. Okay, he didn't exactly let me. Actually, this picture was taken right after he let me out of the brig. This was just before he threw me and Nemo out and onto the Yellow Planet and, quote, "left us for dead". What a silly guy.

Here I am with the masked mallard, Darkwing Duck. He kept telling me that I was too dangerous, and running away. When I reminded him that his motto was "let's get dangerous", he whacked me with the butt of his gas gun and pushed me off of St. Canard bridge. Luckily for me, Liquidator had just turned the river into gelatin, and Nemo ate me out. Erm.. he ate all the gelatin and saved me.

And, here I am after defeating that fabled French Pirate Lavalle in a duel, and taking the town of Panama for Canada. Don't I just look so comfortable with a cutlass?

Here I am at Luigi's birthday party. Mario got so drunk that he thought Link was wart, and he started throwing turnips at him. Later,  I convinced him that marshmallow was an aphrodisiac and he tried to eat Kirby. For some reason, he kept calling me and Nemo Billy and Jimmy Lee.

And, here I am with the championship Temco hockey team. I'm up there in the top left corner. I played defence, and I was on the fifth line. Didn't really see too much ice time though, and my nickname was "Loser Phil". Funny story about this party: Shorty after this photo was taken, I accidentally tripped the capitan of the team and he tried to cram my head in the trophy. Nemo thankfully pulled him off of me before he cut my arm off with my own skate. There's irony for you.

Recently, I went to visit my friend, Pooyan, and all of his little pooyan kids tried to tear me into bits! Ahhh! Get these white puffy cute things off of me!

I finally got my photos from my trip to Japan developed! And guess where I went for lunch one day? The Samurai Pizza Cats pizza parlor! I got to spend a whole day with them afterwards! It was so exciting for me and Nemo. Shown in this picture is the SPC headquarters.

And, here I am with the Pizza Cats themselves. I think Guido and Speedy were shocked when Polly asked me out on a date. I had to politely decline, however, since they both promptly beat the living snot out of me.

When I said "pose for the camera", some weird music played, and Polly, Guido and Speedy did some weird dance, followed by this pose. It was really cool to watch. Those cats are so athletic. See how amazed I look in this picture?

And, I even got to meet Bad Bird on my trip! He wasn't as nice as the Cats were. Actually, he tried to cut me into bits, and I had to beat him up with the Sunspot Umbrella. Guido didn't mind, really, that I stole it, after I told him that I had to beat up Bad Bird with it.

Here I am with my best buddy in the whole wide world, Nemo. He's only my best buddy because he's the only one who hasn't tried to kill me, really. Actually, me and him have lots of great adventures together! The only thing that still gets me about this picture— other than the fact Nemo looks very happy to see me— is who is using the camera, if Nemo isn't?