I have loved Final Fantasy for a long time. A long, long time. A couple of times, I've tried to make shrines. They always start out okay. They always get good layouts and neat content, but the game is just too big for me to tackle by myself. I always get to a certain point, and quit. There's always something that stops me. So this time, I got another trooper by my side. Willy. I feel very good about this shrine. I definately want to get it done this time.

Everything you need is chillin' out on the left. I've implemented what I like to call the "Quick Index". That is to say, if you are reading about a certain area, and want to check out a weapon or bad guy or something in that area, you just click on it and it loads at the bottom. That way, you'll never have to leave whatever you're reading, and you can still get the low down on the baddies. Peruse, and see what you think— and e-mail me suggestions.