Mega Man II Bonanza


The Passwords are simple to use. First, decide on how many E tanks you want, and enter the corresponding number/letter into your password. After that, using the corresponding chart, decide which Robot Bosses you want dead or alive and enter that corresponding number/letter. Example: A2, D4, C4 means that you have 1 E tank, Wood Man is dead, and Bubble Man is still alive. Get it? Good.

0 Energy Tanks - A1
Boss Alive Dead
Wood Man B5 D3
Bubble Man C3 D1
Quick Man C4 B4
Air Man D2 E3
Heat Man D5 B2
Metal Man E1 E5
Crash Man E2 C5
Flash Man E4 C1
1 Energy Tank - A2
Boss Alive Dead
Wood Man C1 D4
Bubble Man C4 D2
Quick Man C5 B5
Air Man D3 E4
Heat Man E1 B3
Metal Man E2 D1
Crash Man E3 D1
Flash Man E5 C2
2 Energy Tanks - A3
Boss Alive Dead
Flash Man B1 C3
Wood Man C2 D5
Bubble Man C5 D3
Quick Man D1 C1
Air Man D4 E5
Heat Man E2 B4
Metal Man E3 B2
Crash Man E4 D2
3 Energy Tanks - A4
Boss Alive Dead
Flash Man B2 C4
Wood Man C3 E1
Bubble Man D1 D4
Quick Man D2 C2
Air Man D5 B1
Heat Man E3 B5
Metal Man E4 B3
Crash Man E5 D3
4 Energy Tanks - A5
Boss Alive Dead
Crash Man B1 D4
Flash Man B3 C5
Wood Man C4 E2
Bubble Man D2 D5
Quick Man D3 C3
Air Man E1 B2
Heat Man E4 C1
Metal Man E5 B4
Other Notes:

Item 1 - When Heat Man is dead
Item 2 - When Air Man is dead
Item 3 - When Flash Man is dead

Weakness Chart

This chart indicates the amount of hits any Robot Boss can take from any gun. The name, on the right, is the Boss' name. The letter, at the top, indicates the weapon used (as used in the sub-screen).

Special notes:

  1. H is always assumed to be fully charged before striking the Robot Boss. Example: H will only kill Wood Man in 1 hit if it is fully charged.

  2. Some guns do NOT have enough energy to kill a Robot Boss. The chart assumes that a weapon could be used more times than the power alotted. Example: F could kill Quick Man in 2 hits, if you could use it twice.

  3. X denotes NO EFFECT. Example: Q does not effect Wood Man.

Heat Man 7 X 7 X 3 7 X 14 X
Air Man 7 3 X 2 X 7 X X X
Wood Man 14 1 4 X X X X 7 7*
Bubble Man 14 X X X X 7 X 4 7
Quick Man 7 2 7 X X X 2 X 4
Flash Man 7 3 X X 7 X X 4 5
Metal Man 14 4 X X X 4 X 1 X
Crash Man 14 3 2 X 14 14 X X X

*3 if you hit the shield.

If you notice any little errors in these notes, I typed them up wrong. Uh, anyway, tell me if I screwed up, or if my explanations suck.