NES Anagrams - Part 3

Anagrams are beautiful things. You simply mess around with the letters in a given word or set of words to make new words. You can suddenly realize a secret meaning to the word. And here are some NES Anagrams for you drooling fans.

Blaster Master LET BERT ASS RAM

If you rearrange the letters of Blaster Master a little bit, and pretend like the rock monster's name is really "Bert"... Well, it's kind of a gross mental image. And it does promote child pornography. But whatever.

Maniac Mansion MASA, I'M NO INCAN!

What if Dave changed his name to Masa and became ignorant? He'd be curious as to wether all black people were Incan or not, of course. Naturally, someone would have to set his bumbling ass straight!

Final Fantasy LAY-A-STAFF INN

So, you're wandering the lands of Final Fantasy with your sexy white mage, looking for a romantic hotel to lay your mack down. Hark! You stumble upon the lay-a-staff inn. A quaint little theme inn, where your staff gets all the attention, if you know what I mean...

Skate or Die RAE, TED IS OK!

Ted is blasting through the half-pipe. He's pulling out all the killer moves, when something goes wrong. An ollie goes horribly awry, and he crashes head first through the ramp! "Don't worry, Rae," commentator Bill says. "Ted is ok!"