NES Anagrams - Part 2

Anagrams are beautiful things. You simply mess around with the letters in a given word or set of words to make new words. You can suddenly realize a secret meaning to the word. And here are some NES Anagrams for you drooling fans.

Gun Smoke Some Gunk

It seems that no matter how quickly you lose "horsey", you always end up walking in SOME GUNK he left behind. Now that's a stinky road apple. Maybe you should just skip horsey next time to save your boots. They're expensive, you know.

Fantasy Zone Zany Fat Nose

So that's what that thing is! No further comment.

Shatterhand Ted Hash Rant

Ted is back again, and he's all messed up on hash. In the secret room in stage 3-7, you run into Ted. If you have collected the secret Hashish item, you and Ted can smoke it. In the hours that follow, you are stuck listening to ted Rant and rant on and on... to escape this situation, hit the reset button.

The Legend of Zelda Do the Gazelle Fend

In a bizzarely confusing moment, all of the Moblins start a ritualistic dance called "the Gazelle Fend", in which they all pretend to be gazelles, fending for themselves against a lion's attack. While Link is traumatized by this dance, one of the moblins shoots an arrow. "You don't fool me, Moblin boy!" Yells Link, as he reaches for his sword to kick some gazelle faking butt.