NES Anagrams

Anagrams are beautiful things. You simply mess around with the letters in a given word or set of words to make new words. You can suddenly realize a secret meaning to the word. And here are some NES Anagrams for you drooling fans.

Dragon Warrior I ROAR GROWN RAD

I roar "Grown, rad!" whenever I gain a level in Dragon Warrior. And you know, it is also an anagram of the name of the game. Weird, isn't it?

Super Mario Bros ROMP OR BE RUSSIA

Maybe that's why Mario romps so darn often. He is afraid of becoming Russian. He's just happy being italian for the time being, thanks. Romp, romp, romp...

Battletoads STAB TED A LOT

The secret is revealed! Some of the pigs in Battletoads are nammed TED! And you are on a quest to stab ted... A LOT! Yes, with your help, the Toads' plot for revenge against Ted will work!


Finally, the secret of the villian in Lode Runner is solved! That white spaceman is actually called "Loren"! Well... only when he's above you. Any other time, you can still call him a spaceman.


Obviously, the programmers of Golf Grand Slam hated frogger. If you look very closely, the ball actually LOOKS LIKE our hopping little friend. It's a shame you have to smack the frog around all day just because of some people's hatred of a 1970's arcade classic.